Bar6ie6 Nude Barbie Three Six Onlyfans


Bar6ie6, also known as Barbie Three Six, had her intimate videos and photos leaked online from her OnlyFans account. Avery Quinn Pongracz, the real name behind Bar6ie6, is a popular Australian boxer, model, and TikTok star who gained fame through her boxing matches. Standing tall at 5’11”, she has garnered quite a following on Instagram under the handle @Bar6ie6.

6ar6ie6 (Barbie Three Six) also known as Avery Pongracz is an Australian boxer and TikTok influencer born on December 19, 2001, in Bentleigh, Australia.

Pongracz is best known for creating macabre lip sync videos on TikTok.

She is also known for her gothic mannequin makeup look.

6ar6ie6 had her debut fight against fitness influencer Whitney Johns on April 22, 2023, as part of the High Stakes Quarter Final by Kingpyn boxing at the OVO Arena in London, England. After the end of round one it looked like Johns was knocked out. However the referee allowed her to proceed to the next round after she got up stumbling.

She is well recognized for her gothic makeup and frequently wears a mannequin-like appearance. She enjoys anime as well. On her 6ar6ie6 account, she has more than 2.5 million followers and 24 million likes. She enjoys playing the survival game Devour a lot. She has also been collecting mannequins since 2016. She enjoys watching anime and listening to DSBM music, among other things.

6ar6ie6 is well known TikTok celebrity for her gothic makeup, and she frequently adopts a gothic life-sized model appearance. She is 5’11 feet tall. Her height is more than a famous Indian actress Anahita Bhooshan and they also work together in one of her Instagram reels.


Date: July 1, 2024