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Charissa Thompson (Charissajthompson) well-know as Fox Sports / TNF on Prime Video / NFL Films / Extra TV / Calm Down Podcast / Founder of account. Charissa Thompson sex tape and nudes scandal has dragged a huge amount of public attention, which was from the past. The incident happened in January 2018, and the news still makes rounds on the internet.

Just so you know, Thompson got caught up in a big controversy when her personal photos and videos were leaked online after her iCloud account got hacked. Once those photos were out there, they started spreading like wildfire across different platforms, leaving everyone in shock. Although the photos and videos have been taken down from most places, some adult websites still have them up. That incident from 2018 still grabs a lot of attention, which is why the TV host often finds herself in the spotlight. Charissa Thompson became an overnight sensation when her private photos were leaked due to her iCloud account being hacked. At first, Thompson didn’t address the scandal at all.

Later, it was revealed that Thompson was taking legal action, and a report also showed that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office was examining Thompson’s case. She opened up about everything, taking her words into consideration; it can be said that the photos were shared with her boyfriend, but it was leaked after her iCloud account was hacked.

Charissa Thompson is an American TV host and sportscaster at Fox Sports. She had previously worked for ESPN, Versus TV Network, GSN, and the Big Ten Network before joining Fox Sports. Charissa Thompson was co-host of SportsNation with Marcellus Willey.

She left Fox Sports for ESP in June 2013 to join Fox Sports. She was promoted to host Fox Sports Live on Fox Sports 1 in August 2017. Charissa Thompson is considered one of America’s best television hosts. She was nominated in the Daytime Emmy Award category for the Outstanding Entertainment News Program.


Date: June 25, 2024