Galvancillo Nude With Gialover03 (Instagram Hacked)


Filtran video completo de El Galvancillo (Galvancillo2) sex tape and nude were leaked from his Instagram Stories /Historias with girlfriend Gialover03. According to gialover03, it was reported that the Instagram account of Galvancillo was hacked & exposed by unknown hacker, who began to expose sextape of the superstar and photos of a women who was the one giving head on Galvancillo. As the influencer account got hacked, Galvancillo quickly checked his account and was quick to delete the images and videos. However, by then, a lot of people had already viewed his stories.

El Galvancillo is a talented musician and social media personality from the United States. He gained fame through his music and entertaining content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In addition to his music, he also shares videos about cars, bikes, and his lifestyle on his YouTube channel.

The popular music artist, TikToker and YouTuber, he is known to share singing, dancing, and lip-syncing videos on the platform. Furthermore, his lifestyle channel on YouTube is also quite popular amongst social media users.

The 22-year-old was born on April 4, 1999, and he often posts content on social media with his girlfriend gialover03
gialover03 Natalie Lopez Instagram @Galvancillo and girlfriend @missnatalielopez

Date: July 8, 2024