Hitman Holla Nude With Cinncinncinny


Hitman Holla & his girlfriend Cinncinncinny is an American battle rapper known for his unmatched punch lines and aggressive spirit. There’s a Explicit video trending online of him and his girlfriend fucking, The sex tape and nudes video were leaked on Instagram, reddit and twitter.

He had a lot of potential as a college basketball player, but he got caught up in the street life before finding his calling as a rapper. His breakthrough moment came when he knocked out ‘Bill Collector’ in a video that went viral on ‘WorldStarHipHop.’ He’s part of various communities like ‘Fight Klub,’ ‘Battle America,’ and ‘SMACK/Uri,’ and he’s gone head-to-head with opponents like Math Hoffa, Conceited, and T-Rex. He’s had numerous successful battles in the ‘Ultimate Rap League.’ In addition to that, he’s dropped an album called ‘Diddy Dum Dum’ and a mixtape titled ‘Ball Game.’ He even started his own clothing line called ‘Ball Game.’ On top of all that, he’s been actively raising funds to support breast cancer research.


Date: June 20, 2024