Jadethefur Nude Dimetrius & Jade OnlyFans Furry


Dimetrius and Jade are a young couple in love except Jade lives as a furry. A furry who makes a living catering, posting sex tape a d nudes with her boyfriend on her onlyfans account Jadethefur. The content creator boasts a successful OnlyFans account where she posts adult content of herself in full gear a cartoonish wolf suit made of white, black and brown fur. This type of get-up can cost tens of thousands of dollars to create, she said.

Jade is a furry, meaning that she dresses up as an animal, including when the pair are intimate. Jade has a unique interest in dressing up as an animal, which is what being a furry means. In the furry community, it’s common for people to wear intricate fur suits that can resemble various animals. It’s a bit unfair to end a friendship over someone’s choice of self-expression.

Jade explained why she is a furry, saying Furries are just cosplayers. These characters give me a different personality. And it makes me put myself out there more…when I have my fur suit on.

The pair are not remotely fazed at the frequent comments and hate they have directed towards them online either. Dimetrius challenges people who take issue with Jade’s unusual lifestyle, pointing out that they are both very happy. He said: “I’d say to anybody judging us, look at yourself first, because you see two people that are happy.”


Date: July 4, 2024