Megan Gaither Nude Onlyfans Teacher


New collections of the Second teacher with OnlyFans page discovered at Missouri high school well-known as Megan Gaither and Noppvmegan who went viral after she made an OF account being a teacher to upload sex tape and nudes. MeganGaither is 32 told the St. Louis Dispatch that she wouldn’t recommend other teachers join OnlyFans for the sake of supplemental income.

AAonOF wrote on her onlyfans account @Megangaither Yes I’m that teacher from the news,
Teacher, Cheer coach, MoBap & ASU alum” She also go Megan.gaither92 on Instagram.

Two Missouri high school teachers who were fired when their extracurricular activities on OnlyFans were discovered by their school district could have ridden the wave of attention straight to the bank and never looked back. They didn’t do that.

These two former teachers did add to their bank accounts thanks to all the headlines, but they haven’t abandoned their community as a result. Brianna Coppage was the first of the two St. Clair High School English teachers to be shown the door.

She was placed on leave after her side gig was uncovered and eventually resigned after turning the attention into a bunch of new subscribers. It wasn’t long before her friend and fellow English teacher at the same high school, Megan Gaither, found herself in a similar situation.

This week the two were called out by a St. Louis radio station to help out with a pet food drive. They could have ignored it, but that’s not how Brianna and Megan roll. The two caught wind of the call out and delivered.

said Gaither. ‘I studied 12 years to become a teacher, and now that’s gone.

Last September, Gaither was the second teacher at St. Clair High School to be put on leave for having an OnlyFans account, where she posted direct-to-consumer pornographic content within the same month.

She was an English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach – but she was suspended after a student put a note under her classroom door saying they ‘knew her secret.’

The married teacher had been working at the high school for four years and said she started her raunchy page to supplement her income – just like her colleague Brianna Coppage, who noted that she was a teacher on her account.

Gaither, who received a $47,500 salary last year, said that she ‘hid very well behind an alias and no face pictures,’ but she was outed against her will. On OnlyFans, she was making up to $5,000 a month.



Date: June 13, 2024