Queenkaraa Nude Karasfades Onlyfans


Kara Vera, also known as Queenkaraa or Karasfades, has gained quite a reputation as a barber in Las Vegas. This 26-year-old OnlyFans star has become a favorite among the locals. She’s not just skilled with a pair of scissors, but also known for her seductive attire and unique approach to haircuts. Her services range from basic trims to more intimate experiences, with prices starting at £100. It’s no wonder that men can’t help but be drawn to her charm and often find themselves asking her out on dates. Kara’s talents extend beyond haircuts, as she also offers hot towel shaves, facials, massages, and full body waxing.

They say they wish they had me as a girlfriend so you could do this everyday. I’ve had a lot of guys ask me on dates during service or they will message me after. Of course it makes me feel good. It makes me happy that I can make people feel so good they want to date me. She told how she receives massive tips from clients who love her services. But her fortunes changed when she made an Onlyfans and started wearing less clothing and went viral for her sexy videos.


Date: June 20, 2024